The Healthy Option…

GoodLife Food & Drink is all about how good and nutritious food can be, how beneficial the products supplied are to those diagnosed with Diabetes and also those who have some level of intolerance to Gluten enjoying food without having to access and evaluate the ingredients of your chosen food products where you have concerns about your diet.

Where possible we buy our products from local suppliers and we check all products to establish whether they are suitable for someone who is Diabetic and also that the product is Gluten free. These items can be more expensive however through our painstaking and thorough research we have sourced the most cost effective products. Many of our product choices are vegan or vegetarian and we buy food products with the view to maximising the nutritional content.

At GoodLife Food & Drink we want you to have the experience you deserve… excellent, healthy and reasonably priced food products, prompt service, relaxing and second to none customer service.
Our aim is to create a ‘One Stop Shop’ for people with particular dietary requirements and as such we encourage and welcome feedback on both our products and also our service.

This very customer focused approach will enable us to continually improve our overall service and product range available to you.

We have specially printed GoodLife Food & Drink mugs and glass breakfast beakers too. Why not buy a special birthday Mug Cake for a friend, or have some of our healthy breakfast cereal in a glass lidded tankard.

You may also want to look out for our special deals, e.g. all you need to make a pasta dish meal.

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